First Listen: Tim Dillinger wants to go back to the "Old Time Way"

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    After a decade of blazing his own trail as an independent artist, Tim Dillinger moved into a quiet, country home in upstate New York and began a new life as a marketing director with a small book publishing company. "I didn’t want to sing anymore. The bulk of my heroes died in 2010 and it hit me hard."  It was a near-death encounter that reminded him of his calling. "I had a dream when I was in the hospital. My mentors were sitting in a circle around me and they reminded me that I hadn’t passed on what I’d gleaned from them yet."

    As he recovered, he immersed himself in the music of Aretha Franklin & James Cleveland. He began noting ‘seeds’ for new songs and made plans to move back to Nashville, the city he considers his home. Weeks after moving back to Nashville, he received a call from Grammy-Award nominated, Dove & Stellar Award winning producer, B. Slade who said he had music for him. Over the course of a year, the upcoming album The Baton: 1985 took shape. 

    The album was a rousing success, and it just keeps on giving. Tim has just released a rollicking new single, "(Go Back To the) Old Time Way." It's a feel good, foot stomping Gospel number that we think you'll love.  Check it out and tell us what you think!

    Tim Dillinger
    "(Let's Go Back) To The Old Time Way"


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