First Listen: Yarbrough & Peoples return and are "All In" for new song

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    Through the years, Yarbrough & Peoples produced some extremely memorable music, including their #1 hit "Don't Stop the Music." We haven't heard from Cavin and Alisa for awhile, so we were glad to hear that they continue to record and produce music through Y&P Productions.  

    They have now completed their first Gospel CD with songs of encouragement and wisdom. The CD is loaded with bass riffs and the harmonites that are familiar sounds of Yarbrough & Peoples. The first single from the album is  "I'm In," and it is our newest SoulTracks First Listen.  Y&P say that they have gone full circle and their relationship with God is shouted from the rooftop in praise.

    Check out "I'm In" below and tell us what you think!

    Yarbrough and Peoples - "I'm In"


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