First Look: Newcomer Angelique Sabrina is "Ready" for a hit

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    For those of a certain age, Bahamian born Angelique Sabrina will conjure up memories of one of the biggest stars of the 1990s, Aaliyah.  That's especially true on her soft, sensuous lead single, "I'm Ready," a beautiful love song which could have been a hit for Aaliyah or even Janet Jackson.  And the teenage star not only performed the song, she also wrote it.

    Angelique has been a star in the Bahamas and Jamaica for several years, but now she's ready to make a name for herself around the rest of the world. And "I'm Ready" is a really nice vehicle for her move forward.  The video for "I'm Ready" is our newest SoulTracks First Look. Check it out below and tell us what you think of this talented new artist!

    Angelique Sabrina - "I'm Ready"


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