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Detroit-born keyboardist Greg Phillinganes has been one of the most sought-after session musicians of the last three decades.

First discovered by Stevie Wonder, Phillinganes served in Stevie's Wonderlove for five years in the late seventies.  He released his debut solo album, Significant Gains, in 1981, landing a hit with "Baby, I Do Love You."  Phillinganes later worked on Michael Jackson's seminal album, Thriller, and took a song rejected for the album as the lead single for his sophomore album Pulse, again hitting on the lower end of the charts with "Behind the Mask."  He also landed a quiet storm hit with his version of the classic Rogers and Hammerstein tune "I Have Dreamed."

Phillinganes spent the next two decades working with musicians ranging from Eric Clapton to Anita Baker.  Then in 2006, he joined the rock group Toto (which, itself, was formed from top session musicians), where he remained until the band broke up in 2008. He did not join a reunited Toto in 2010.

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