Official Biography (courtesy of ISH)

ISH is a blend of soulful, sultry voices and purposeful lyrics. Though ISH is composed of a young couple, traces of old school, feel-good music can be found in their style. ISH’s sound is heavily influenced by R&B, Jazz and some Gospel powerhouse artists that both members grew up listening to. Both vocalists evolved as artists, as they were classically trained throughout their academic careers. All things creative are important to these two, and they continue to challenge themselves.

Both individually blessed with talents, fate stepped in to make them more powerful as a collective unit. Caleb and Andriea learned that their voices were complementary, when they met and started singing together in 2007. Sparks quickly flew, and the two entered into a relationship with each other and into a love triangle with music. In 2009, the two married. Mr. and Mrs. Ishman decided to name their group ISH, a shortened version of their last name, which was also the nickname that was given to them by
friends, co-workers, and students.

Caleb and Andriea labor, tirelessly, to write music that serves the purpose of promoting love, marriage, education, and positivity. Growing up, both Caleb and Andriea had positive family structures to teach them the things that they are now passing along to today’s generation of youth. ISH feels that it is their calling to use their gifts of voice to not only influence others through song, but to also use them to educate and mentor.

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