Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge

    Official Biography (courtesy of Jagged Edge)

    Jagged Edge represents R&B music as it should be: timeless, sensual and honest. The GRAMMY© -nominated male quartet returns to replenish what's been missing from R&B. Their latest project, "The Remedy" is due out September 28, 2010 and promises to deliver the right amount of smooth mixed in with a little edge and a future list of classics.

    Formed in Atlanta , Georgia , Jagged Edge (JE) consists of identical twin brothers Brandon Casey and Brian Casey, long-time friend Kyle Norman and later addition Richard Wingo.

    Having both soulful and gospel backgrounds, Jagged Edge maintains they've always been fans of groups like New Edition, NEXT, Play and Jodeci. For Kyle, he knew there was something great about Brian and Brandon 's abilities when a crowd of adult women would fawn over the teenage duo. He made a concerted effort to get the twins to join his choir. Shortly after, the trio formed Twin AK . It wasn't until later when Kandi Buress (formerly of R&B group X-Scape) suggested Richard Wingo as an additional member did the quartet manifest into Jagged Edge. Their unique passion for singing would unite the young men in pursing a serious music career against all odds. As a young and newly formed group, JE initially signed with Michael Bivens (formerly of New Edition) under his BivTen label, but was released shortly thereafter. However, the group continued to write record and heartily pursue other projects.

    Jagged Edge got their break in 1995 after wowing Jermaine Dupri with an impeccable acapella performance. He quickly signed the crooners to his SoSo Def label during the winter of the same year. In 1996, Jagged Edge made their debut on SoSo Def Christmas which featured the likes of Alicia Keys, Gerald Levert, and Chaka Khan. JE's single, "This Christmas," was released and met with stellar reviews surrounded by the group's harmony, style and arrangement-musical qualities in which they are famous for today.

    They continued to elevate their careers by writing and co-producing their own music. In 1997 they released "The Way That You Talk," featuring appearances by both Dupri and Da Brat. Again, the quartet was met with warm praise and the single landed on the Top 4 R&B chart. Even without much radio play, the single also entered the Top 40 Pop charts in the same year.

    Jagged Edge released their first album, A Jagged Era, in 1998. The album went gold and triggered the Top 20 R&B and Top 40 Pop hit, "Gotta Be." Their next single, "He Can't Love U," appeared in the fall of 1998 and propelled the group into cross-over international fame and stardom.  Although considered a "sleeper" single, it was on the Top 5 R&B chart, Top 20 Pop chart, and subsequently went Gold in the process.

    An outpour of fan appreciation continued to follow Jagged Edge upon their release of the follow-up album, J.E. Heartbreak. That album not only solidified JE's place in R&B music history, but the unforgettable songs on the album would also follow JE today.  J.E. Heartbreak topped the R&B and Pop charts, while selling over 2,000,000 copies-an impossible feat in today's industry. The album is most famous for number one R&B hits such as "Let's Get Married" and "Promise." Both singles skyrocketed up the Top 10 Pop charts and lived there for an unprecedented number of weeks. In the following quarter of its release, J.E. won 5 Billboard Awards and 3 Soul Train Awards, including Best Album and Best Single for "Let's Get Married."

    JE has also been featured on film soundtracks including In Too Deep, Bad Company and Like Mike.

    Jagged Little Thrill was released in the summer of 2001. The lead single, "Where the Party At (featuring Nelly)," was nearing the R&B Top 10, Pop Top 40 and was later featured on the Like Mike movie soundtrack.

    These successes were followed by the release of Hard in 2003 and the self-titled, Jagged Edge in 2006. By 2007, the group shifted to Island Def Jam where they released The Baby Makin' Project to undesirable numbers and had since decided on a hiatus shortly thereafter. 

    Fast forward to summer of 2009; Jagged Edge announced they were signed to Slip-N-Slide Records after parting ways with Def Jam. Their hotly anticipated comeback album, The Remedy is set for release September 28, 2010. The new project boasts a mix of the old and new; Jagged Edge's sexy R&B sound and contemporary beats by producers such as Brian Michael Cox, Cool & Dre, Drummer Boy, Lamb, and Jim Johnsen. While the album also features collaborations with the likes of Gucci Mane and Trina, The Remedy is sure to be a solid body of work that openly expresses trials of life in addition to the sweetness both revenge and love have to offer. The Jagged Edge that sold 8 million records, won countless awards, and gained impressive nominations is headed on a new path.

    Group member Kyle Norman recently told Billboard.com, "Jagged Edge wants a new creation, a new birth. We want to shed some light to what we've been doing for the past 11 years." 

    The Remedy will do just that, and more.