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MUSIC HAS TAKEN A TURN. THERES MORE RHYTHM THAN THERE IS BLUES, many real music listeners have complained, but as the legendary Sam Cook would chant a change is gonna come. That change is JAMISON, often referred to as the whispers you may hear to identify his presence on a track JAM IS ON. Turhan Jamison is destined to be a prominent name in the music industry being born into a very talented household; his father was a quartet gospel singer with the first gospel group to be signed to a major national and international label that we all know as CBS. And his mother traveled and performed as well as background to some of gospels legends to date, so the saying the apple doesnt fall far from the tree really applies.

Traveling from city to city and abroad with his family and always being surrounded with unfamiliar situations forced him to gravitate to the one consistency in his life, music. Because of his unpredictable lifestyle, Jamison claims his true roots lie in music and not in one particular place. Jamison began his musical interest with the drums at the age of 12 never taking formal lessons, Through careful observation of the musicians that would play for his parents at rehearsals and sound checks on the road, he picked up different styles and habits that he imitated enough to be offered his first opportunity as a working musician at age 14.

Fast-forward through a few years of the ups and downs of the world of a gospel musician and the all of the perks of the music business, Jamison began jotting down some of his life experiences that would later be identified as songs. Following in his parents footsteps, by picking up the microphone, he assisted other groups with in-studio background vocals. Another opportunity arose to display his pen skills, which turned into his first hit single in 2002 titled Searchin from The Jamison Experience Project. However, due to poor management, the project did not have a promising chance to gain worldwide recognition resulting in a short-term major label affiliation.

As Jamison headed back to the drawing board doing in studio work, writing for other artist, assisting other careers, recording brief ideas with left over time from other artists sessions, he came up with the foundation of his first R&B influenced mixtape. With the encouragement from some of his most respected colleagues, he began to follow the words of Kanye Wests hit in 08 and GO HARD with the release of his first R&B effort, The R.E.A.L. Xperience vol.1, with 13 tracks of all original lyrics over industry tracks.

After the success of the 08 grind with the mixtape, its album time! First out the gate is the single RYDA guaranteed to smash the summer with a dance remix to follow that is sure to turn dance club DJ's on their heads. In addition, the EP entitled ...I FEEL (which features the undeniable smash "GET IT RIGHT") is on the way to get us all ready for the carefully put together and arrogantly titled SUPERSTAR (the R.E.A.L. album).

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