Official Biography (courtesy of PR WIZZZZ Entertainment)

    JEANIA was born and raised in Los Angeles , California during a pivotal time in history where soul music was at its best.  JEANIA musical talents took effect at the early age of six, when she was chosen to sing her first solo for the church choir, "He's got the whole world in his hands."  From that point on she sang any and everywhere; from talent shows, singing in choral groups, to weddings, funerals, charity events, and studio background vocals.  Like most performers, the energy and response she gained from the audience only fueled and confirmed her love for music.  Over the years, JEANIA developed a deep, sultry, and soulful tone by emulating legendary artist such as Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman, Stevie Wonder and Teena Marie to name a few. 

    However, over the past two years, she decided to make her transition from background/paraprofessional singer to a professional recording artist and songwriter.  JEANIA debut album, I Need the Rain; is a musical and personal landmark that is inspired by the legendary music of the past such as Marvin Gaye, Minnie Ripperton and Donnie Hathaway, along with many other great singers who were at the pinnacle of their success. "I wanted my music to echo the messages of hope, inspiration, and universal love that was so eminent in the music of Stevie Wonder, and many others."  "I feel that my music is necessary for the troubling times that we live in and sends a message and energy that can reach all cultures, religions, and age groups."   She believes that people are hungry for music that not only feels good but inspires change and hope. 

    Throughout, I NEED THE RAIN, JEANIA delivers a compellingly contemporary R&B songcraft that is steeped in the emotional immediacy of classic soul. The songs explore the ins and outs of life, love and relationships from a variety of perspectives, from the first single, "Relax Your Mind," to the hard-won intensity of "Move On" the perceptive "All We Need Is Love", and the insightful of "Live It Up" all make I NEED THE RAIN a powerful music project that is designed to inspire one to love God, others and most of all themselves.

    JEANIA is striving to go further with this album to create a state-of-the-art traditional R&B album that will solidify her place among music's elite. I NEED THE RAIN is clearly on the path to takes her listeners to places that yet to be determined and build on the legacy she is rapidly establishing for herself.

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