John Payne

John Payne

Official Biography (courtesy of John Payne) 

Being touted as one of the music industry's best kept secrets, BAY AREA born Producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist John Payne is FINALLY back with his new album "THE JOURNEY" Vol. 2. This comes after the success of His first solo album (Strange New Thing) which yielded the Babyface inspired, number 1 hit single "She just Can't Help it". The song hit the BILLBOARD TOP 100 R&B charts, getting TOP reviews from industry tip sheets. Payne wrote, produced, arranged and performed all the vocals and instruments for that album.

While recording, PAYNE got a visit from legendary JOURNEY guitarist NEAL SCHON, after hearing the SLY STONE influenced sound (done mostly with drum machines at the time), Schon suggested putting live drums on some tracks to give that authentic Sly sound. NEAL introduced John to friend, legendary SLY and THE FAMILY STONE drummer, GREG ERRICO. Errico played drums on two songs "Biolocide"( a rock influenced song about how mankind is ruining the EARTH causing BIOLOGICAL SUICIDE) and the song DON"T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK" (which didn't make the album).

After being freed from his contract with the now defunct Independent Label Man Network, Payne took time off and went behind the scene as a producer, studio owner and session musician, playing guitar and bass on various recordings of other artist . This established him as one of the PREMIER musician/ producers in the Bay area underground music scene. By going on to record and jam with various artist including Parliament/Funkadelic, George Clinton, Merl Saunders, Prince and others, he continued his schooling in the FUNK, being taught directly by the MASTERS... As guitarist and co-music director for Larry Graham and Graham Central Station during 2003, he took the role of co-producing the HISTORIC finale of the 2003 California Music Awards which featured a tribute to Sly and The Family Stone and Larry Graham and Graham Central Station. The tribute was performed by the band Payne formed with Graham's son Darric called the GRAHAM / PAYNE EXPRESS. The event took place outdoors in front of more than 80,000 people in the city of OAKLAND and was nationally televised, it was a HUGE accomplishment for PAYNE.

After being instrumental in organizing such a HUGE event, PAYNE went full speed ahead with operating ENYAP MUSIC /MULTIMEDIA GROUP, an independent entertainment company which involved him in the Bay Area music scene. Some projects have included work with artists The Coup, MARTIN LUTHER, Merl Saunders, (of Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead), JT the BIGGA FIGGA, Shanna Morrison, Narada Micheal Walden, LATOYA LONDON from American Idol fame with whom Payne produced five songs for, and MANY others including many local rock, pop, jazz and electronica artist. After YEARS of being side tracked with so many other projects, it was time to focus solely on his own which developed into "THE JOURNEY" LIFE, LOVE, POLITICS and MUSIC.....VOL.2

The diversity of this project captures the attention and imagination of ALL music listeners from every demographic. Ranging from HIP HOP, CLASSICAL, FUNK, ROCK, to R&B and POP. The CD HAS A VERY FUNKY FEEL TO IT, some cuts will REMIND THE listener of what a vintage PRINCE album USED to sound like. With impressive guest appearances from GEORGE CLINTON, Latoya London, fellow funkster MARTIN LUTHER and others.... THE JOURNEY will take EVERY LISTENER on a VERY magical JOURNEY........ get ready...........

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