Official Bio (courtesy of Joomanji)

    Joomanji is a collective initiated by producer and San Diego native Jonah Christian. The collective regularly features Robert Finucane on keyboard and Amir Oosman on Drums, as well as varying other members depending on recordings, and location/time of live performances. 

    Our productions consist of live recordings of the various instrumentalists in our collective (Drums, Rhodes, Horns, Trumpet, Bass, Vox) and ocassionally feature chopped vinyl samples. The resulting music is a fusion of crisp live sound with that vintage vinyl vibe that so many of us hip hop/soul heads all love.

    Joomanji examines the evolution of music within the context of each member’s socio-cultural history and environment, which makes for some innovative and versatile musical flavors. With members from all walks of life, i.e. drummer Amir Oosman of Pakistan, Jamaican/European producer Jonah Christian, bassist Kevin Cameron of Japanese descent,  and pianist Robert Finucane of the USA, Joomanji brings a uniquely eclectic vibe to each song. What makes our band such a blessing to be involved with is the amount of talent and ideas each member brings to the table. 

    Our Influences: Too many to list, here's a starting list: J-Dilla, Flying Lotus, Slum Village, Robert Glasper, A Tribe Called Quest

    Available Music


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