Kenny Wesley

Kenny Wesley

Official Biography (courtesy of Kenny Wesley)

How many musical artists today can sing and song write in three languages -- fluently, have four-octave ranges, are expert pianists, and dedicate their lives to serving the world through music? He sings with the tenderness of a Luther Vandross, and in the same breath, with the agility and freedom of a Stevie Wonder. Kenny Wesley is the young new face of contemporary and jazz music.

Originally from Jacksonville, North Carolina, Kenny is part of a rich music heritage. "My mother and almost all of her side of the family are incredible musicians, so it seemed natural for me to be a musician." He was barely a toddler when he started singing and by age 9 he had already created his first compositions for voice and piano. His love for music and other cultures has taken him around the world where he has performed before presidents, dignitaries, heads of state, and high-profile celebrities. Kenny has shared the stage with several national recording artists such as Yolanda Adams and Jean Carne. His songs have been featured on national television: in 2004, his song "Epiphany", co-written by Timothy Buther, was featured on ABC's The View.

The world has not yet seen all the greatness that will emerge out of Kenny's life. Don't worry though: He hasn't stopped dreaming. In the world of Kenny Wesley, all things are possible.

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