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Laundon Von Kendricks


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Official Biography (courtesy of Rubbahead Music)

Laundon's musical roots were deeply enriched by the cultural diversity in his birthplace, the Northern California Bay Area, East Oakland. With no formal training vocally or musically, his innate talents opened doors to a career of compositional and production work. Those who have experienced his passion for his craft will attest to his undying commitment and love for artistic expression that started many years ago. While love of music and its production has always been at the center of Laundon's focus, it is his voice, a versatile and adaptive instrument that has garnered him most attention over the years. Pure in tone, rich in texture and diverse in range, Laundon's voice is amply showcased in the jazz, pop, R&B and soul tracks of his new CD.

In 2008 Laundon shares his musical roots as a vocalist/musician/songwriter/producer with the debut of his solo project entitled, Hill Of Stone. This compilation is based on a delicate blend of musical schools that carries the listener along through life's experiences from a mature and refined perspective. His CD will appeal to adult contemporaries yet speak to hearts across the ages that crave good music. With Hill Of Stone Laundon has explored subjects that are both personal and relevant giving voice to concerns that have shaped his musical landscape. The Title track is his reflection on the inevitability of our own mortality; "Angels Cry" is Laundon's poignant look into the continuing plight of the homeless and abused children. The Hill of Stone CD is a modern and contemporary platform of true contemplation. Laundon's professional career began as a lyricist for the Perfection Light Production Company where he also worked in A&R, songwriting, and production, and as a session vocalist for Narada Michael Walden. It was this pivotal opportunity that gave him increased industry exposure and the privilege of working on more than a few hit albums. As part of a very successful music production company, that included Preston Glass, Randy Jackson and Walter Afanasieff, Laundon fully realized his passion for recording and music production. During that time a new affiliation with the commercial jingle company Keller and Cohen led to work on national commercial campaigns such as Burger King, Taco Bell, and 7-Eleven. Laundon has also written and produced music for prime-time television shows including, "The Education Of Max Bickford," "Bull," "Acapulco Heat," and "Mr. Holland's Opus." In 2006, Laundon co-founded Rubbahead Music, LLC a production and publishing company. This CD is the culmination of Laundon's musical and creative experiences. It is only natural that there would be a journey to the Hill Of Stone--a reflective work.


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