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Did you see him shooting for the stars in Hollywood on season 5 of American Idol? Or maybe you have heard him crooning his soul out backing up Syleena Johnson in her live shows and singing the so in love duet "Little Things" on her album Chapter V: Underrated and mini-album Acoustic Soul Sessions. He is Malone. Hearing him sing makes you a believer. Watching him sing is a sight to see. And both combined cradle your soul.

There’s something about Malone that makes him have that IT factor. He’s been singing and songwriting for years, including writing for the #1 Billboard chart topping dance diva, Cece Peniston. But he’s spent his time over the past few years sharpening his stunning sound as a background vocalist on the road with Syleena Johnson, who also discovered him. In the midst of singing background vocals, the daily grind of hosting his business, Spotlite Karaoke, and deciding what he wanted to do for his music career, Malone released his EP Outside The Box in 2012 to give his fans a taste of his vocal artistry and pop appeal.

The best way to describe Outside The Box, which was produced by Grammy-nominated producers Vudu Spellz (VSE Inc.) and Status, is a compilation of his unfiltered unreleased music of many genres fused together to display his versatile style as a singer/songwriter. Although Malone was advised against his release of Outside The Box, he thought exactly as the title stated and followed his instinct. That lead to the creation of a line dance called the Triple S Snap by the Sophisticated Swagg Slyders for his song All You Gotta Do Is (Snap). “I did it because I didn’t want to be put in a box,” says Malone. “For it to do what it did was unexpected and to have a line dance sweeping the Midwest is mindboggling. Not many people have their own dance created organically. I’m extremely proud of it.”
Now Malone is ready to show more of the soulful side people know and love, but with a twist of what he calls “Edgy Soul”. “Edgy Soul is tone with feeling, texture with meaning, and an unconventional approach toward riffs and adlibs,” says Malone. “As much as people hear and see the choir boy in me, there’s more to me than what you see. My overall style as a person has an edge.” He is currently in the studio working on his new album NOW and has completed the first track also titled NOW, released July 2, 2013. NOW is a song about a man going all in without letting another moment slip by when he finds the right woman. “With my previous EP I was adamant about not being put in a box,” says Malone. “This time I want to project myself more as Malone the artist and vocalist.”
There’s always a price to pay in the world of entertainment. Malone has overcome a lot of adversity as an entertainer. Fallen record deals, a taste of the spotlight, ups and downs, in and out of a few groups before music was released. But that has never stopped his pursuit of music. Simply put, music is all Malone has. “I have no plan B, music is everything in my life,” says Malone. “I can’t live without music. So I have the faith and will to make this music thing work.” He credits his support system for keeping him motivated. “You’re a person before an artist and need a place to come back to for balance,” says Malone. I’m blessed to have a wonderful support system to keep me going along with my amazing supporters I call winners.”
Although Malone says there is no plan B for him, entertainment is the gift that keeps on giving. He is always drawn to a camera in some way. He and his family, the Malone’s, were on the former TV One series Family Reunion and his appearance on American Idol just might be an indicator of a bigger plan.
“I’d love to do TV and film someday, but I want to conquer the world of music first,” says Malone. And so it shall be. The time is now. Malone’s versatile voice makes music come alive. His layered sound is so intensely multidimensional he will leave you asking - who is this - if you are not paying attention. But that might be precisely what’s needed to make you join the Malone movement. And so it shall be. The time is NOW.

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