Mark King

Mark King

Official Biography (courtesy of Mark King)

Mark M. King has been an aspiring song writer for most of his adult life.  Growing up in the motor city he was influenced musically, at an early age, by the soulful sounds and sweet harmonies found on the streets and in the clubs throughout Detroit.   Mark has always believed that a well written ballad with an inspirational melody, simple lyrics, and a strong hook will last from generation to generation.

Mark began his musical career playing the saxophone, which was the instrument of choice in a musical family inspired by its matriarch Maurice King.  At the age of 15 Mark changed his musical interest and began to play the bass guitar, where he quickly mastered the ability to sing while playing the bass guitar.  During this time Mark discovered his song writing niche, and began to write love songs with captivating melodies, and simple lyrics that tell a timeless relatable story.  Throughout the years mark has honed his song writing skills and now is sharing his gift with the world.

Heartfelt is an album comprised of eight songs that each live up to those qualities found in songs that will last until the end of time. The album begins with four songs that express a relationship full of love and admiration (Track One - Where Would I Be; Track Two - I Believe; Track Three - So Good; Track Four - Heaven Watches You).   Things change at the beginning of the second half of the album.  Although love still remains, the relationship begins to face challenges (Track Five - Take You For Granted; Track Six - Like Yesterday).  At the end of the second half of the album the relationship has ended yet hope remains (Track Seven - See You Again; Track Eight - Here With Me).

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