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Official Biography (courtesy of Marquee Mayfield)
Pop and R&B artist Marquee Mayfield is a songwriter, vocalist and performer bringing a new form of funk to the stage. Richly versed in the old skool of soul, he's a modern mind smitten by disco's dance floor, with a flair of fetish for the EDM scene.
Inspired by a childhood soundtrack of Motown era favorites such as The Miracles, The Four Tops, The Temptations, and The Spinners; Mayfield discovered his true musical love immersed in an overdose of 70s soul/funk flavors like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, and Sly & The Family Stone to name a few.
Mayfield credits his R&B vibes to his father, whose dance moves were equally as impressionable. His mother was the lead vocalist of the house and the combination had him tuning a guitar by age 13.
After eight years in Nashville, Mayfield has frontlined a variety of R&B, funk and soul projects, but debuts his first solo effort with a six song EP to be released in the near future. He conceived each of his upcoming tunes on guitar and bass, contextualizing the rhythm with drum loops, keyboard textures, and an array of synth patterns and horn lines. Mayfield teamed up with jazz and R&B producer, songwriter and veteran session-man Jerry Navarro, to record and produce the EP.
Mayfield’s debut single and video Breakdown drew attention from the Nashville Scene to European soul radio stations such as Radio 6 (Netherlands) and JFSR (UK) last month with a vibe reminiscent of Euro funk icon, Jamiroquai.
Sean Maloney of the Nashville Scene writes, “The new video from Marquee Mayfield is only a tracksuit and a furry hat away from making the walls move. It's a Jamiroquai---y disco jam and that's all right by me. Mayfield's first single is promising, and I hope we get hear some more recordings really soon.”
Boutique indie soul blog, Bama Love Soul, has this to say about the single, “In need of some quality disco funk? Look no further! Nashville’s Marquee Mayfield lays down some righteous funk on his lead single, Breakdown.”
Mayfield continues his 'everybody on the dance floor', feel good vibes with the release of his second single, X---Factor. Infused with layers of trippy electronic programming & vocal glitches, "X Factor" is a pop---funk, neo---soul energy magnet!
In the wake of the initial outing, X---Factor landed airplay on the French radio station, RKC (Radio Kaos Caribou), within 30 minutes of appearing on Soundcloud. With the traction gained by these first efforts, it doesn’t look like Marquee’s steam is going to be cooling anytime soon. The back story goes something along the lines of this: Pop/R&B artist Marquee Mayfield (Nashville, TN) teamed up with jazz/R&B producer and veteran session--- man Jerry Navarro (George Clinton & P funk) to fuse funk, soul, and electronic dance vibes into a modern pop record that is generating buzz across several genres and
The pair collaborated over 10 months to create a six---track EP with Mayfield writing the songs on guitar and bass. Navarro fine---tuned the arrangements and heavy hitters Alfons Kettner (Bobby Caldwell), Derek Phillips (Charlie Hunter) and BlackCat Sylvester (Roy “Future Man” Wooten) came in to round out the tracking sessions.
“We wanted to make a pop record that distinctively felt R&B and was just baptized in great grooves,” said Mayfield. “Dance------that's it, all I kept imagining when writing these songs. I wanted it to feel good, not just sound good.”
Expect the complete EP sometime this winter. Until then, Mayfield plans to stagger the releases of the individual songs as singles, along with video content for each. X Factor and Breakdown are available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and other
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