Melvin Davis

Melvin Davis

    Melvin Lincoln Davis has lived a musical life as a singer revered by his peers, but not known by many casual fans.

    Davis grew up in Detroit, following both secular singers such as Little Richard and all of the great Gospel acts in the musically rich city around him. After a stint in the Navy, he returned to Detroit and began to make his mark on the music community there.

    Davis recorded a number of rollicking R&B songs in the 60s that earned some local praise. While he didn’t have huge hits at the time, a number of his singles, such as “Playboy” and “I Don’t Want You” became Northern Soul classics that were cherished around the world.

    He also worked regularly as a drummer and pianist, backing The Miracles and Dennis Coffey. His powerful vocals came to the forefront on radio when he became the lead singer of The 8th Day, ripping apart the lead on the huge R&B hit “You’ve Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)” on the Holland-Dozier-Holland Invictus label.

    Long after the hits stopped, Davis continued to perform his dynamic show for welcoming audiences around the world. He often worked with Detroit drummer Drew Schultz, and released a series of fun singles, including 2015’s “Double Or Nothing.”