Mike Turner

Mike Turner

    Official Biography (courtesy of Mike Turner)

    Mike Turner was born in New Orleans, Louisiana into a musical family. Both of his parents were singers. Music appreciation was a natural part of the Turner lifestyle as many different genres of music were heard. These influences formed the framework for Mike's songwriting and performance skills. He always had a toy horn in his mouth or a drumstick in his hand. Over the years Mike has played clarinet, trumpet, and saxophone, yet it is the piano, drums and vocals that have enabled him to become a well-rounded musician.

    His music ministry began at the First Street United Methodist Church where he first heard the hymns, anthems and Zion songs that he still draws on for inspiration. He later joined the internationally renowned New Orleans Gospel Soul Children, who under the direction of the innovative director, Albert Hadley, were famous for their dynamic performances. Under the mentorship of Hadley, Mike flourished as a soloist and musician. He also credits his brother Charles for his early musical training.

    As Mike's musical horizons broadened, his schedule became unusually busy for such a young man. There was school, gigs with his older brother's top 40 band and constant engagements with the Gospel Soul Children. He continued to sing with them until the untimely passing of director Albert S. Hadley, his beloved mentor. Mike continued his formal music education at Xavier University. While there, he traveled to Rome and blessed the Pope with his singing. His ambition for success led him to Los Angeles, California in 1989.

    In less than 3 years, Mike became an MCA recording artist with the singing group "Front Page", composed theme songs for the NBC show "Sunday's Best", HBO's "News To Us" and commercial spots for Diet Coke and Montgomery Ward. As a member of "Front Page", Mike also had the opportunity to work with such noted industry producers as Andre Fisher, Kashif, Norman Whitfield, Chris Stokes, Chris "Tricky" Steward, Cutfather, Soul Shock and Karlin just to name a few.

    While working in the music business, Mike continued to minister at churches in the Greater Los Angeles area. He became minister of music at the Greater New Salem Baptist Church in 1995 - a position he still holds. In addition, Mike is a solid drummer and vocalist who performs with the Dennis Jones Band and other local artists. His spiritual growth is evident as he's been lead by the Holy Spirit to write one scripturally based song after another.

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    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"