Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens - What Have You Done My Brother? (2009)

Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens
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This sage Alabama church mother has a blues story to tell, and with musical director Cliff Driver, organist Jimmy Hill and members of the now legendary Dap Kings' attending this story's birth, it's an inspiring one. Shelton (formerly billed as Naomi Davis) has long been a fixture of the club scene-from NYC to Birmingham-without ever losing one ounce of the church-infused religion in her act, but also without ever releasing a full album. Thanks to Daptones Records (and that special someone upstairs) all that is about to change. After decades of grinding with a church fan and a righteous smile, Shelton and The Gospel Queens (Edna Johnson, Bobbie Gant, and Cynthia Langston) are getting the chance to share a revived, but authentic portal into yesteryear's Southern roots music. Quiet rage tinges its blues; unshakeable faith lifts its gospel; and simple honesty caress the soul of an album whose title speaks to all three genres blessed here by these humble messengers.

Notable songs: "Am I Asking Too Much?," "Trouble In My Way," "What Have You Done " and "By Your Side."

Vocals: 3 stars   Lyrics: 4 stars   Music: 3 stars   Production: 3.5 stars   SoulTracks Call: Highly Recommended

By: L. Michael Gipson


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