Norman Hutchins

Norman Hutchins

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    (courtesy of JDI Records)

    Best known for the hits "God's Got A Blessing (With My Name On It!)" & "Battlefield", Norman Hutchins, 8-time Grammy, Stellar nominee & one of music's top selling artists, definitely has a story to tell on his new CD "Where I Long To Be" on JDI Records / Sony BMG Red.

    Debuting at #3 on Billboard, Hutchins' powerful new CD & DVD chronicles his miraculous recovery from blindness.  "I was driving down the road last Feb when suddenly the lines started looking crooked.  The Lord spoke to me & said to ‘go get your eyes checked'.  I went to the doctor & I found out that the retinas in both of my eyes were detaching.  The doctor told me that if I didn't have surgery immediately, I could be totally blind for life".

    After emergency surgery, Hutchins was totally blind for over 4 months while patiently, yet nervously, waiting for God to restore his eyesight.  It was during this dark period in his life that he wrote all the songs for his new CD.  "I've been truly blessed over the years to write some wonderful songs that have blessed millions.  But in the midst of my blindness, God really rained down his melodies on me & took my songwriting to a whole new level!"

    With 2 hot singles, "A Move of God Is On The Way" & "Get Ready For Your Miracle", already burning up gospel radio and now, the single "I Really Love You" crossing over to urban, a first for Hutchins, many are calling this his best CD ever!

    "What the Devil meant for bad, God turned around for good by giving me a powerful testimony that He's still in the miracle business!  Not something I heard - something I know!"  Powerful words & powerful music from one of music's most prolific singer / songwriters - Norman Hutchins.

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