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Soul ID

Official Bio (courtesy of Soul ID)

Soul:ID's story begins in Africa where three-quarters of the band originate (Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda respectively). Their journeys - and fate - brought them together in Brussels, Belgium where after years of working as studio musicians and backing vocalists, they decided it was their time to be in the spotlight.

The group consists of producer Urban Deep, the hip-hop drumming naughty boy and the nucleus of Soul:ID, Tchaï, the beautiful soul-loving songstress with a golden voice, V, the stylish, soul-sensitive singer/producer and creative mad scientist and Dad'D, the old-school crooner/producer who brings a peaceful balance to the group. They traveled different paths - from encountering the dark side of immigration, the constant day-to-day struggle to survive and racism - but they all share a common love for all things soul, proving stronger than any of the hardships they endured. These and other stories are ones told on Soul:ID's stellar U.S. debut release Sex, Love & Philosophy on ABB Records' ABB Soul.

Soul:ID is more than just a band, or even a brand which has been made evident through their ever increasing fan base and positive praise received from peers and the media alike. Their unique story has given shape to a concept (and sound) - dubbed "Afropean Soul" by Zap Mama herself - which reflects their own virtues and beliefs. Soul:ID begs to tell a different story about the immigrant experience; the story of today's African and Afro-Europeans overcoming ethnic, social and economical barriers while promoting positive messages and images of what functioning multiculturalism can achieve. Soul:ID is a product of this African/ European renaissance and recognize the importance of celebrating it.

Originally it was Tchaï and Urban Deep who got the ball rolling. Feeling strongly the time had come to stop working on other people's projects; they hit the studio and started working on their own. Calling on friends Dad'D and V for creative input, the foursome quickly realized what they were creating was equivalent to musical gold. Those long, inexhaustible days and nights in the studio sparked much artistic synergy and hotly debated topics, which were captured on the record and gave name to the album. Spanning over three years, these sessions resulted in a natural merging of fate and friendship and the harmonious landscape painted by the four is a kaleidoscope of their different experiences, personalities and stories told in a tasty stew of urban sounds.

In the time they've been together as a group, Soul:ID has worked with many notable international acts such touring with world-rhythm pioneer Zap Mama throughout Europe, headlined the legendary Jazz Café in London, and individually working with artists like Wyclef Jean, Craig David (UK), Robert Palmer and Youssou N'Dour (Senegal).

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