Starpoint Radio releases UK Soul chart

Everyone loves a music countdown, and Starpoint Radio is now the home of the UK Soul Chart. The UK Soul Chart reflects the latest Independant and Major Label Soul music that is proving popular with the top Soul tastemakers, Club and Radio DJ's as well as Soul music fans in the UK.

The UK Soul Chart airs on at 11am-1pm GMT and is syndicated on various radio stations around the world over the following week, for more details click here

A Starpoint Radio Production.

Here is this week's chart.

Starpoint Radio


 1 (1)

Eric Benet - Never Want To Live Without You/Feel Good/ Sometimes I Cry/Always A Reason/Paid/Take It/Stir It Up/Summer Love/Lost In Time/Good Life


 2 (2)

John Stoddart - More Than You And Me/ Put Love Love Love In It/A Promise Is A Promise/I Still Believe/In My Corner/Longer Than Forever/Tenderhearted Lover/You Are


 3 (3)

Rena Scott - Each Day Is Better/Come Back Home /Don't Ask My Neighbors/Joy and Pain/Thank God For You/You Keep Trippin'/Take Me Away/It's So Wrong


 4 (7)

Heather Park - Just Can't Wait/Endless Possibilities


 5 (8)

Al Olive - Slow Down/Do It Again/Dream/ There For You/Beautiful Stranger/Never/L.O.V.E./Easy Smile /Heart Ache/Fall in Love Again/Bye Bye


 6 (5)

Freddie Jackson - I Don't Wanna Go/A Little Tast e/Say Yeah/For You I Will (Dollies Song)/ Any Way You Want It/Definition Of Love/Slow Dance/What's On Your Mind


 7 (10)

Sunshine Anderson - Nervous/Say Something/  Hard Love/Lie To Kick It


 8 (4)

Azaryah - Best Friend/Heart To Soul


 9 (15)

Charlie Wilson - My Girl Is A Dime/You Are/ I Wanna Be Your Man/Never Get Enough/Once And Forever/ Life Of The Party/I Can't Let Go/Crying For You/Where Would I Be/Lotto


 10 (21)

R Kelly - Love Letter/Number One Hit/ Not Feelin' The Love/Lost In Your Love/ Just Can't Get Enough/When A Woman Loves/Love Is/Just Like That/ Music Must Be A Lady


 11 (11)

Lavelle ft Wallace Gary - You Are


 12 (14)

Shamika Phoenix - Woman/Can't Wait/Silver Lining/Words


 13 (19)

El Debarge - Lay With You/Heaven/Close To You/ When I See You/How Can You Love Me/Serenading /Joyful/Sexy Lady/Sad Songs/ The Other Side/Second Chance


 14 (9)

Helen Bruner And Terry Jones - Better/Holla/ Hollyhood/Beautiful You Are/You Runaway/You Now Me/ Miss Mary/Let You Go/Cherry Pie/ Chocolate Star/Weekend


 15 (6)

Lew Kirton - What's The Deal/This Love/Don't Wanna Stop/ Hey Love/Who Do You Love/Two Hearts/ Going Out Tonight/So Into You/We're In Love/ Open The Door


 16 (16)

Christmas At Sedsoul/Various Artists - I Love Christmas /A Thousand Kisses At Christmas/This One's For You/ The Christmas Song/Let The Christmas Spirit In/ Christmas Celebration/On This Day


 17 (24)

Ronald Isley - Take It How You Want It/No More/ If I Lose My Woman/Supposed To Do/ Dance For Me/What I Miss The Most/I Need You/You Had Me At Hello


 18 (22)

Walter Christopher - There You Go Again


 19 (28)

Frank McComb - Inspire A Life/Characters Of Our God/ Wishful Thinking/Deed To My Heart/Wouldn't Trade You  At All/Leading  You On/Jealousy and Envy/Open My Heart/In My Heart


 20 (20)

Melissa Untalon - I Live For You /The Way I Feel About You/Who I Am


 21 (12)

JD73 - Fantasy/Pure Gold/Sweet Stuff/Be  Mine/Step By Step/Dreams/ Written In The Stars/Love Will Save The Day/Think Twice/ Supersexy/Round and Round/I See


 22 (27)

Claude J. Woods Jr. Ft Sound Solution - World Renown


 23 ( - )

Semaji - Sonshine


 24 (18)

Rhonda Thomas - When Music Was Good/ Something For You/Peppermint Leaves/Listen/ Just Us/The Light/I Would Rather/ Darfur Women/Unmerited Favor


 25 ( - )

William Kooly Scott - Twelve 0 Five (Live)


 26 (13)

Julie Dexter - Broke Up About You


 27 ( - )

Gladys Knight - Settle


 28 ( - )

Deirdre Gaddis - What Are We Gonna Do


 29 ( - )

Elisha La'Verne - He's Gone


 30 ( - )

Barbara Pennington - Sweet Dreamer



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