Jerry Lawson to be featured on NBC a cappella show

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    Jerry LawsonOct 26, 2010 - After a lifetime of keeping the dying art of A Cappella alive, the inimitable Jerry Lawson  left The Persuasions in 2003. The music industry had treated  the A Cappella genre as  nothing more  than a novelty act. Record labels continually recorded the group (22 albums in all) but never put much into marketing the finished products. And radio never felt anyone was interested in 5 guys without a band because they said you couldn't dance to it.

    All that changed when NBC took a chance on The Sing Off in 2009. A reality show like American Idol but all A Cappella groups. Lawson's fans were outraged that first season. They could not believe an A Cappella show would be produced without including and paying homage to the man known as "The King Of A Cappella."

    But Jerry was just happy that A Cappella was finally being brought into the mainstream and receiving some respect after decades of being treated like the black sheep of music genres.

    Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town are about to be introduced to millions of music lovers who never heard of The Persuasions and have no idea about the man who would have been as much of a household name as Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra  and Elvis.. if only he had a band.

    Lawson opened the doors for groups such as 'N Sync, Rockapella, and so many others. It's not surprising that his loyal fans are perplexed that their hero is having to compete rather than be a judge or co-producer. They also find it ironic that the "King" is being judged by one of the young men he paved the way for, Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.

    But Lawson is not perplexed at all. He is preserving the art of  A Cappella and he said  "When God opens a door, you don't question him, you just go through it and see what's on the other side"  

    This soulful man is just grateful for the opportunity and on the edge of his seat waiting to see where it all leads.