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Official Biography (courtesy of Tamara Madison)
Destiny appears to be taking its course and  Canadian R&B and Soul Singer and Songwriter, Tamara Madison is well on her way to becoming Canada's Next Rising Star.
Tamara Madison was born in Toronto, Ontario but raised in Brampton, Ontario to Jamaican born parents, who anticipated greatness for their daughter from birth. Throughout her early years, Tamara was exposed to diverse music by her mother but always had a gospel influence from growing up in church. Singing became Tamara's passion and she began to receive recognition for her amazing vocals and talent from many. It was not long after winning numerous talent competitions, that Tamara gained entry into a school of arts for vocals. Aside from pursuing her vocal passion, Tamara has acquired dancer and songwriter titles, which has helped her hone her musical background.
Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley are among Tamara's musical influences, which is rather evident on "Geet Weh," a 2013 collaboration with fellow Canadian Artist Savannah Ré. Quite the buzz was created, thanks to the amount of airplay the song received on local radio stations: Flow 93.5 ad G98.7. In the past three years, her immense talent hascreated a fan-base from around the world and attracted the attention of Canadian Industry Trendsetters, JDiggz and Ray Robinson. This year, Tamara has been nominated for the Black Canadian Awards, which has left many in anticipation to hear her mature and lush vocals. Sure enough, the release of Tamara's debut EP, Relapse: Part One will prove to be the greatest showcase of her talent, astounding voice and mature persona.
World Premiere - Chris Jasper - "For The Love of You"
Album of the Month - Jeffrey Dennis - "Lovin On You"
Featured Album - Leon Ware - "Rainbow Deux"

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