Toni Ann Semple

Toni Ann Semple

    Official Biography (courtesy of Toni Ann Semple)

              Toni Ann Semple is an electrifying singer, dynamic songwriter , a consummate professional and a composer who has successfully married contemporary  world music with  her  Native American rhythms and musical instrumentation to create such commercial songs like "I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT", "FOR ME", "SUMMER BREEZE" AND "SIT BACK AND RELAX" that not only is playing in rotation in the United States on such radio stations as 98.7 Kiss FM New York and others, but also in the United Kingdom, Germany and around the world. All this without a record deal.

              Radio Dee Jays worldwide are showing the love and anxiously waiting for the Album to drop so that they can spin their favorites and be taken away to the swaying sounds of a cool breeze and the sultry voice of an angel.

             Toni Ann Semple started composing music, teaching herself how to play many instruments and performing at a very young age. It was the eye and ear of her mother who first noticed the talent and supported her daughters career by purchasing her first guitar. Well it was that very Guitar and Mothers love that ignited the very fire in her that soon moved Toni Ann to teach herself how to play the guitar, piano, trumpet, flute and a host of other  percussion instruments.

            Toni Ann says It's the love of music and the gifts that  the universe send you that has moved this young rising music star to write, arrange  and produce her  own music for years, but it is with all the emotion, beauty, joy, pain and Native American Soul uniquely crafted and supported by her mothers unrelenting persistence. Toni Ann fully embraced her Native American musical roots and artistry as her mother wished after her mothers transition from this world to the spiritual one occurred.

            So when you hear her sing, her voice, her sound, her music you know right away it has real meaning for her and as a listener it is that real emotion, passion, power, tenderness and  true originality  which moves  and evokes sensations through you touching your very soul.

           This young composer is stirring up the pot in the industry for  fresh new original music. She's the real deal, with the ability  to perform and power to sing thirteen songs  straight  during her own showcases while leaving you in a trance. Las Vegas look out...It's the many years in the industry performing with such greats as *Will Downing, *Jazz Pianist Mark Adams* Al B. Sure,* Merlene Ward,* Bassist extraordinaire* Freddie Cash, *Toshi Kankawa,* Ty Stephens,* Tom Barney,* The Random* Schwartz Leslie Ford Connection  to name a few.

    Available Music

    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"