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It started on a street corner in the Jeffrey Projects in Detroit "the motor city," as one could only imagine would be the birthplace of an R&B singing phenom.  There the self-taught singer/songwriter UNÉ (pronounced "you nay") came to being and started developing his natural gift...his voice.  Not wanting to be confined to his surroundings waking up each day to a dismal panoramic vista of rows and rows of projects one after another that limited his visions of one day becoming a widely recognized singer, UNÉ chose this name to express his universal, eternal and soulful spirit.

UNÉ in French (spelled exactly in the same manner) means number one, it is also a derivative of the word unique and audiences who have heard the smooth melodic sounds of UNÉ agree that he is a one of a kind gifted singer who is a unicorn among today's R&B singers.

Encouraged by his mother at the age of nine to use his God given talent, UNÉ would sing anywhere and everywhere there was an audience, in clubs, churches, talent shows or on the street corners for passersby. There at the corner he fine-tuned his vocal abilities along with his brothers and close friends.  He was inspired by the city's great history that produced legendary offsprings such as Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson products of the Motown sound.  Although they were decades older, their rise to fame and rags to riches stories were legendary in his hood and gave young UNÉ hope that he could one day accomplish a similar feat. He knew that Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin had once lived nearby at the Brewster projects.

As UNÉ grew he wanted to tackle acting as well as singing and the theatre stage beckoned.  He auditioned for a role in "Ain't Nothing Like Family" and got the part. Little did he know that this showcase was going to change his life forever.

Ernest Thomas, famed actor from the hit TV series "What's Happening Now," came to Detroit along with Fred Berry and Bernadette Stanis to perform in this particular theatrical piece. Although UNÉ was the envy of all his friends because Bernadette Stanis portrayed his girlfriend; it was Ernest Thomas a big television star with an international following and compassionate heart who would ultimately be the catalyst for change in UNÉ's life.

UNÉ was full of "how to" questions. Years later he admitted that he was seeking the "California hook up."  Thomas recognized UNÉ's talent and lent a willing ear.  Thomas was also moved by UNÉ's humbling spirit.  The acting vet was impressed too by UNÉ's determination to overcome his obstacles and unabashed plea for assistance to further his career. Thomas wanted to help and he did.  He invited UNÉ to come to Los Angeles.

At the time, UNE' was married and committed to his relationship.  But after some time his wife grew weary and could no longer commit to his dream.  So, UNE' and she parted ways and against the advice of his lawyer and friends he left her with all the material possessions. He walked away with only his dream and his name UNE'.

Recently UNÉ moved to Los Angeles and completed his self-titled album UNÉ, to deliver what he knows best... inspired sweet music to ease the hurt that others may feel, as he once did. UNÉ has made introspective discoveries, "It wasn't until I was given a second chance at life through my music, that I learned to love myself," admits UNÉ.

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