Vel Omarr

Vel Omarr

Official Biography (courtesy of Vel Omarr)

Vel Omarr was born on a small farm in the Mayersville, Mississippi Delta region. He began his musical career performing many of Sam Cooke’s classic songs.  He credits Cooke with being his vocal inspiration from childhood, but has become well known for  singing and performing his own original compositions with passion and flare and enjoys his own audience and fans.

Vel joined the legendary R&B / DooWop group, the Robins, as their second tenor lead singer, for a reunion tour in 1991. He remained with H.B. Barnum and The Robins until 1995, and then began touring with Brenton Wood as the opening act for Brenton Wood's Sweet Old School Revue. In 2003 he joined The Olympics as one of their lead singers and has performed along side other legendary artists like, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Penquins, The Coasters, Gene Chandler, The Flamingos, Zola Taylors of the Platters, and many more.As a singer in Brenton Wood's Sweet Old School Revue, Vel has also opened for and appeared with such legendary greats as James Brown, Etta James, Little Richard, Al Wilson, Barbara Lynn, Brenda Holloway, Rosie, of Rosie and The Originals and many other legendary R&B/Doo Wop artists.

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