First Listen: Israel Houghton and Yolanda Adams sing about an “Awesome God”

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    I’m very excited to present to you a literal dream come true. In October of this year my NewBreed team and I traveled to Asia to embark on the biggest project of our lives to date. We visited Singapore, Jakarta Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Tokyo Japan, Seoul Korea and Manila Philippines. We performed to sold-out crowds in every city and saw firsthand the impact that gospel music and gospel radio has had on a global scale. For that we thank you.  We also recorded for a new project entitled Covered: Alive in Asia scheduled for a March 2015 release.

    Says Israel: “How Awesome Is Our God“ is a simple anthem of His amazing and overwhelming  love for us.It also marks a 'bucket list' moment for me personally to have the incomparable Yolanda Adams singing with us on this song. I pray it moves you as it did tens of thousands of people in these cities. We pray that “How Awesome Is Our God” affects your listening audience in significant ways as a reminder of God’s love for all of us. Thank you for your consideration in making this a part of your voice to your city. We pray Blessing over you, your family, and station as one year ends and a new season begins.

    Israel Houghton and the New Breed feat. Yolanda Adams
    "How Awesome Is Our God"