Ty G

Ty G

Official Biography (courteys of Ty G)

Tyrone Griffin, also known as "Ty G," grew up in West Los Angeles where he studied music under the directive of Donald DeSimon and Mr. Larocka. Ty graduated and studied with Ed Jackson and David E. Sears. He later began employment with A&M Records where he took a job as a recording engineer. He worked under Henry Lewie, Dick Bolgert, Bruce Swiden, and Stephen Katz. He engineered on many outstanding projects, such as Joni Mitchell, Freddie Hubbard, Quincy Jones, The Brothers Johnson, Stanley Clark, and Mini Ripelton.

Due to A&M's closure, Ty later went to work for Nadine's music store in Los Angeles where became a household name in the minds of musicians locally and throughout the U.S. Later, he left the music store to go on the road with The Brothers Johnson. Ty was a tumpet player and background vcalist for the phenomenal group. After touring with The Brothers Johnson, Ty toured with Evelyn Champagne King as her keyboard player. He later joined the sensational group Lakeside as a keyboard player and vocalist. He toured the world with Lakeside for five years. Meanwhile, touring with Lakeside, Ty recorded sessions with Rick James on the smash hit "Give it to me Baby", Teena Marie, Jermaine Stewart, Richard Tee, Eric Benet, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Jon B, Dr. Dre, The Dog Pound, Immature, Brandy, DJ Quick, The Gap Band, Penny Ford, Philip Bailey, Pretty in Pink, Shanice Wilson and Boss Skank. Also, Ty entertained on various television shows, such as Melrose Place, Vibe, The Keenon & Ivory Wayans Show, Soul Train, Donnie and Marie, Howie Mandel, The Apollo, The Magic Hour, The View, BET, Sound Stage, Motown Live, Saturday Night Special and The Midnight Special which all proved to be a success. Ty has also toured with Raphael Saadiq, Teena Marie, and LTD. He also formed his own band known as The Hollywood All-Stars. Ty and Jon B formed a band known as Jack Herrera.

Ty has recently signed with an up and coming independent label, Off Balance Entertainment and has recorded his first solo album "Fire Storm". Ty G's solo album is a compliation of numerous rhythms. His album is a mixture of Jazz, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary and shallow shades of R&B. Ty G's music is great for various age groups. His album is perfect for driving the coastline as the breeze whistles over your convertable on a bright sunny day or just kick back and spiritually enjoy the music.


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